Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1/2 Marathon Challenge, Day 3

Very often, I think what truly hinders us is our belief that we can fix our own problems. Whether we pridefully think that we don’t need God, or in our lack of self-esteem we feel God has better things to do than worry about wretches like us the effect is the same. We are on our own, adrift, sans paddle or rudder. Needless to say, that stream we float on rarely takes us anywhere good. We need both the humility to admit we need God’s help, and the faith that he will respond when we ask. It shouldn’t be so hard... he tells us as much over and over again.. In Psalm 55:22: Leave your troubles with the Lord, and he will defend you In Phillipians 4:6-8: Worry about nothing, but in everything with thanksgiving and supplication give your concerns to God, and the peace of God, which is beyond all understanding will protect your heart and mind in Christ Jesus Despite this, we think we have our situations under control, even as we lose our grip and they spiral away from us. This can be especially damaging in the context of marriage. So often we get caught up in thinking about what our spouse could be, and thinking about how we can “help” them change, we overlook the fact that that is NOT. OUR. JOB. That task is solely the provenance of God. Only he knows what he has designed them to be, and he will work whatever changes are necessary to accomplish that. Our job is to love our spouses -as they are, knowing full well they are imperfect and flawed... just like us. If we desire grace to cover our flaws, we had better be givers of that same grace. Jesus gave us the model of how we are to live. We can pray for them of course, and lovingly hold them accountable. Concerning the circumstances we face - financial, relational, parental or otherwise - it is crucial to pray, to stay in the Word and discern God’s will for our lives and our marriages and not rely on our own ‘wisdom’ and means. When both spouses look to God first, and as one lay issues at his feet together, blessings will follow. God’s got our backs; He says so. Are you willing to take him at his word?


  1. Amen!!! Yes! His Word will not return void! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So often we allow ourselves to act as the Holy Spirit in our spouse's life. You said it well, It is not our job. We are called to love them and extend the same grace to them as we have abundantly received from Christ. Excellent reminder, Brian.

  3. I think our role as husbands is far more than just praying for them. We are called to lead the household spiritually, and that is an important and not a trivial responsibility.