Saturday, October 13, 2012

1/2 Marathon Challenge, Day 13

The finish line!

As others have said, I have enjoyed this challenge immensely, but I - like others - doubt that I am cut out for everyday blogging. If God tells me differently, I’ll listen, but in my own strength, it probably won’t happen. I will also echo others’ sentiments that the real joy of this challenge has been discovering all the other voices out there, shouting in our cultural wilderness about God’s love and his design for holy matrimony. It is encouraging to know that although I am still waiting to hear a Sunday morning sermon on 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, so many voices are unafraid to tackle the tough topics that come along with making Godly marriages work in our fallen world. I look forward to going back and reading all the posts I missed. Kudos to you all, and amen!

I will end this challenge with a prayer.

God in Heaven, merciful Lord and creator of all things, giver of all gifts
I pray for the marriages represented by all the writers and readers that took part in the last two weeks. Be with us all, blessing us that we might be blessings to our spouses, and that our marriages might serve you, ushering in your kingdom as examples of what you intended. Let us be pictures of your love and grace on us all.

God bless every husband and wife with a heart to serve their spouse. Open their eyes, ears and hearts to one another, grant them discernment to see how they can better love and cherish one another, and thus honor and glorify you with that love.

God I pray for those marriages that are struggling. Wrap them in your arms and let them draw upon your strength to shore up where necessary or rebuild if that is what is needed. Be a force in their lives and relationships, tangible and irresistible, working towards reconciliation and unconditional love.

God you are the giver of all gifts, including marriage, including our spouses. Help us to accept the blessings you shower on us with humility and gratitude. Help us to make the most of what we’ve been given, according to your will.

In your son’s precious name I pray.


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  1. Great wrap up and prayer! I too have been so encouraged by all of the other stories out there and feel like there is so much community between all of us now. It's been really good.